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Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten!

This cattery got checked again by the animal wellfare the 23. June 2016. The federal vet confirmed the opignion of the last visit: She said it was a very good breeding, all cats here look very cared for, they were healthy,  in a very good shape  and had very good conditions of life here. 

 Also our cattery  gets visited by our vet several times the year because the health of our cats is very important for us!

Storch-4 in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten

We have kittens!  

 Fifeexhibition Zagreb: 4thMarch 2018

Vivian vom Blütengarten*a: "Best in Show"!

Very Special vom Blütengarten*A. "Best in Variety total", nom Bis., missed "Best in Show only" by lots against Vivian

IT*Café Noir del Dolce Colle: "Best in Variety total"

Unica vom Blütengartn*A nominated to "Best in Show"

Vivian-v-bluetengartenbis1 in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten


 Vivian vom Blütengarten*A: Best in Show"!

Click on the photo and watch a movia about the election of Best in Show in Zagreb!


Come in und and feel the magic the grace and the charm of our cute
Sacred Birmans

 A little warning:

 If you look at the beauiful blue eyes of
our cuties you may get hooked on
them forever………….!



Blume-g in Sacred Birman vom BlütengartenBlume-verkehrt-g in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten

 in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten


22th23th April exhibition Biedermannsdorf:

Yllenia vom Blütengarten won "Best in Show" both days

Essence of Lovevom Blütengarten*A: nom BIS

19th 20th November2016 FIFe exhibition Mödling:

Icedancer vom Blütengarten*A womn 2x "Best in Show"

Icedancer vom Blütengarten is now "Juniorwinner"

Jeremy vom Blütengarten*A won "Best in Show"

Kintamani Angel: nom BIS


29th30th Ocober 2016 FIFe Worldshow Vienna

Jeremy vom Blütengarten*A nom Bis


Jeremy vom Blütengarten won 2x "Best in Show" and BOB2





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