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FIFE Champion Cindy vom Blütengarten

born the 29th May 2008, seal point

Cindy-vom-bluetengarten22 in Cindy vom Blütengarten

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Father: Asterio vom Blütengarten Mother FIFE Ch. Arakan Yomas Fenja


Cindy’s show results

When Where show results  
8.November 2008 Opava FIFE EX1, Nominated for Best in Show, Pokalnom in Cindy vom Blütengarten
4. April  2009 Györ. Felis Hngaricum FIFE

EX1,  CAC, Best in Variety  total

Pokalsmile in Cindy vom Blütengarten
11. April 2009 Lauterach, KKÖ

CAC, EX1, Nominiated to "Best in Show",


Pokalnom in Cindy vom BlütengartenPokal3 in Cindy vom Blütengarten
12. April 2009 Lauterach, KKÖ

EX1, CAC Nominated for Best in Show,

2/2 votes, Missed "Best in Show"

 by drawing lots


Pokalnom in Cindy vom BlütengartenChampion in Cindy vom Blütengarten


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