Endless love vom Blütengarten*A

born the 4. July 2008,  seal tortie point,

PKD negative , FIV/Leukose negative

Endless-love-vom-bluetengarten8 in Endless love vom Blütengarten

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Father: S*Backkara’s Coyote  Mother: S*Phönix Pride Nineve


Hello my name is Endless Love and I also have grown up here.  I live here with my cat friends I have known from the beginning and with my mummy I am terribly in love with.   . 

But as my name is so long my mummy simply calls me "Lovi"I am a very cuddly cat and would love to sit on my mummy’s lap forever and get cuddled.  I am very sensitive and feel it if somebody is sad or needs some comfort. Then I go to this person immediatly to cheer him/her up.  

I love playing very much.  But sometime I only sit close to my mummy and watch her.

I know I am very beautiful with long thick fur and dark deep blue eyes.


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7th March 2009 Zabok FIFE V1  
8th March 2009 Zabok FIFE V1  



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