Gigolo vom Blütengarten*A

born the 13th May 2009 , PKD negative, blue  point(carrying chocolate)

Gigolo-vom-bluetengarten4 in Gigolo vom Blütengarten

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Father:DK* Sokjaer’s Kane  Mother: FIFE Champion Arakan Yomas Fenja


Thank you that I can mate with this wonderful Sacred birman boy!




Gigolo’s show results

When Where show results
06. February 2010 Schwechat KKÖ EX1, Best in Variety total BEST LITTER Pokalsmile in Gigolo vom BlütengartenPokal-10 in Gigolo vom Blütengarten
07. February 2010

Schwechat KKÖ


EX1, nominated for Best in Show

 Pokalnom in Gigolo vom Blütengarten





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