Gratia vom Blütengarten*A

born the 13th May 2009 , chocolate  point

PKD negative, FIV/Leukose negative

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Father:DK* Sokjaer’s Kane  Mother: FIFE Champion Arakan Yomas Fenja


Hi my name is Gratia vom Blütengarten- But as I look so similar to my cat mummy Piri my human mummy calls me simply Pirili. Piri is the most loving cat for me because she is my precious mummy and she is so beautiful. But I even heard my human mummy talking that I was even more beautiful than Piri. Isn’t that great?

I think my name Pirili sounds so good and I can tell I love this name and hurry down the stairs very fast when my human mummy calls me. That means normally that I get some treats or my human mummy likes to caress me. I love to be cuddled so much and can be very jealous when I see then another cat sitting on my human mummy’s lap….

I have a real good cat personality and I am very smart. I know what I want and do it no matter what. I think I can do what I want and I don’t have to ask for permission for what I do all the time! Don’t you think the same? So when I am sleeping in the clean laundry in the laundry basket during the night because I like this clean smell my human mummy will have to learn to accept won’t she?

 I also love to play with my mummy and also with the co-cats here. That’s so great and I could play for the whole day. But I feel also proud to become queen here




Gratia’s show results

When Where show results  
10.October 2009 Celje FIFE Ex1, nominated for Best in Show  Pokalnom in Gratia vom Blütengarten
06. February 2010 Schwechat KKÖ EX1, BEST LITTER Pokal-10 in Gratia vom Blütengarten
07. February 2010

Schwechat KKÖ








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