Il Magnifico vom Blütengarten

 born the 30.June 2009, seal point( carrying chocolate and dilution)

PKD negative, FIV/Leukose/FIP negativ

Il-magnifico-vom-bluetengarten01 in Il Magnifico vom Blütengarten

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Father: FIFE Ch. AUS*Shakandah Sambucca    Mother: FIFE Int. Ch. Carina vom Blütengarten

Hello, I am Il Magnifico vom Blütengarten. But as my mummy thinks, that’s to long and complicated for calling she calls me simply "Muffi". That’s a German Word what means fur to warm up the hands in the wintertime. As I have a wonderful long fur my mummy thinks I remind her of that.

I am a very lively young male and I love playing very much. But at the same time I am very cuddly and sweet and love sitting on my mummy’s lap purring very laudly and giving her nose kisses.:-)


Il Magnifico’s show results:

When Where show results  
27.02.2010 Zagreb FIFE Ex1  
28.02.2010 Zagreb FIFE Ex1  






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