FIFE International Champion Shakandah Keyshah*A 

born the 19. February 2006, PKD negative, seal tabby point

Shakandahkeyshahbis 0 in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah

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Hello und Meow! My name is Keyshah and I grew up in Australia. I am simply called Keety. Therefore English is my mother tongue . I had to study German later but I can tell I already understand it.

I am a glamourious, beautiful and typeful seal tabby point queen with a wonderful temper. I am very lively and I can tell I love to be cuddled. I can sit purring on my momi’s lap for hours  and only be happy. I am very talkative and like to tell you a lot.  


I am very curious and interested in all.  All cats here are my friends. But my favorite things, that means what I love the most,  is to be a mummy and to have kittens. 


I allready look forward to my next litter. But for now maybe some of my friends here need my help.  Then I will help them with pleasure and do what I can to eductate their kittens


Keyshah’s show results:

When Where show results
2007 Australia Champion Champion in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
August – Oktober 2008 Mödling, Milano 3x CAC  FIFE Champion Champion in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
6. Dezember 2008 Olomouc FIFE CACIB, Best in Variety total Pokalsmile in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
14th December 2008 Praha FIFE CACIB, nominated for Best in Show Pokalnom in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
17. January 2009 Schwechat KKÖ FIFE 2x Ex1, CACIB, CAGCIB, Nominiated to Best in Show



 (Missed BIS for only one vote!)

Internationaler Champion

Pokalnom in AUS*Shakandah KeyshahCokarde-InternationalerChampion in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
7. Februar 2009 Laibach, FDL FIFE Ex1, CAGCB,  Nominated for Best in Show



  Best in Show, Best of Opposite Sex,

Best of Best 3

Pokalnom in AUS*Shakandah KeyshahBis in AUS*Shakandah KeyshahPokal3 in AUS*Shakandah KeyshahPokal2 in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
 03.03.2010  Lauterach FIFE  CAGCIB, nominated for Best in Show  Pokalnom in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah
 04.03.2010  Lauterach FIFE  CAGCIB, nominated for Best in Show  Pokalnom in AUS*Shakandah Keyshah


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