Sacred Birman Kitten

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                Current kittens:                       Planned litters:


We don’t make any definitive reservations (with deposit)  before the kittens will be about 8 weeks old!!! But you are free to prebook a kitten you like before this time.



  The kittens are raised with much love in our family inside of our house. We only often use to take photos outside in the garden at table we have put a fence at 3 sides of it. So that taking photos is easier because the cats can’t escape so easily.

  We give you the kittens with abiut 16 weeks  of their life with a pedigree, worming and 2 vaccinations. We don’t sell any kittens to peole who hold the cat totally alone because a Birman would get totally unhappy then, apart from when you are retired or housewife and the cat isn’t normally alone more than 4-5 hours the day. Only female kittens I never sell to a person who doesn’t have any other cat because they need another cat urgently. 

Cats for breeding  have a microship and petpassport, one rabies vaccination 2x shots against cat disease and cat flu  und a health certificate. We are prepared to let more tests done for you  if you pay extra for them… We only sell cats for Breeding/Show at members of cat clubs and for buying a female kitten from me as your future queen you need a cattery name!

I sell the kittens together with a contract: Have a look at the terms of contract here.

But a holy Birman has its price…. ..

In return we try hard to breed beautiful and healthy Birmans according to the standart of this race, strong, typeful and cuddly Birmans  with,  dark blue eyes if possible.

This history may be interesting for you. The history of Buffy


What a owner of 2 of our cats from USA has written us:

I never had any trouble with you and the cats arrived as promised in excellent condition! No problems ever! I just want to let you know I think you are an outstanding breeder!

My great boy Sweet Tiger has made everything here so wonderful, and I think of you every time I hug my sweet lover boy.

Now I will try to mate Zenobia’s son to Sweet Tiger’s children. They will be lovely 2764 in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten, Kittens

Have a good week, Donna


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