Kerze in Sacred Birman vom BlütengartenSchnurrli in Sacred Birman vom BlütengartenKerze in Sacred Birman vom Blütengarten

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The 27th of July our so sweet and gorgeous queen died because she had got poissened of pregnancy. We loved her so much and we still miss her and we will never forget. Thank you for all the love you gave all of us!




God said:

I want to lend you a small kitten for a little while

so that you can love it, as long as it will live

and grieve for it, when it will be dead.


Maybe for twelve or fourteen years

but also maybe only for two or three ones.

Are you prepared to care for it, acting for me

until I will call it back?


It will charm you

to rejoice you

And should its stay only be for a short time

you still have the memory of it

to comfort you.


I can’t promise you, that it will  always stay with you

because everything of the earth has to come back.

But there is a lesson,

This cat will have to learn.


And all over the world

 I was looking for the right teacher for it,

and  from every people all over the world

I have elected you..


Do you want to give it all your love

and never to think that your job was for nothing?

Do you want not to hate me either

when I call this kitten back home?


My heart  was responding:

My Lord, it shall come about

For all the joy, this cat will bring in my life

I will run the risk of the grief.


We will protect it tenderly

We will love it as long as we will be allowed to

We will be thankful for all the happiness

we will have experienced.


But should it happen, that you called it back earlier,

 much earlier than we had planned

we will try hard to handle the grief

and we will try to understand.


And when we succeed by our love

To fulfill your desire

 In the memory of its sweet love

Please help us in our mourning.


When our most loved kitty  

will leave this world of strains  and conflicts

please send us another needy soul

that we can love it for its whole life.


Source: Animals in heaven




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