Neverforget vom Blütengarten*A

born the 30.August 2009, chocolate point

PKD negative,  FIV/Leukose negative

Never-forget-vom-bluetengarten 5 in Neverforget vom Blütengarten


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Father: FIFE Ch. Nl*Donkersnoet Florisz    Mother: FIFE Int. Ch. Belle Rose vom Blütengarten



Hi, may I introduce myself? My name is Never Forget but my human mummy calls me simply "Nevi". I had almost died after my birth and after reanimating and praying for a bit more than 5 minutes I started finally to breath again. Therefore everybody shall remember that I am a special gift of God.

I am a very smart and beautiful young lady and I love to cuddle and to purr. I can site for hours at my mummy’s lap and only enjoy…. I like to give kisses all the time:-)



Neverforget’s show results:

When Where show results
10.01.2010 Padova FIFE Ex1, nominated for Best in Show  Pokalnom in Neverforget vom Blütengarten
06. 02.2010 Schwechat FIFE


Best in Variety total,

Special Birman Show:

"Best in Show" =Best Birman kitten,

nominated for Best in Show,  ( almost won Best in Show lost by picking)

 Pokalnom in Neverforget vom BlütengartenBis in Neverforget vom Blütengarten
07.02.2010 Schwechat FIFE Ex1, nominated for Best in Show  Pokalnom in Neverforget vom Blütengarten
 28.02.2010  Zagreb FIFE  Ex1, nominated for Best in Show, BEST IN SHOW  Pokalnom in Neverforget vom BlütengartenPokal3 in Neverforget vom Blütengarten
03.03.2010 Bregenz, Lauterach, FIFE Ex1, nominated for Best in Show Pokalnom in Neverforget vom Blütengarten






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