S*Backkara’s Only You

born the 7th Ocobter 2009, chocolate tabby point

PKD negative, FIV/Leukose negative

Only-you-backkaras1 in Only You

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Hi I am Only You but I get called "Muschi" because it is easier for calling. I love this name and come fast when I get called by my Mummy. I am Swedish and I had to study German really hard but now I am fluent in German and understand every word.

I am very talkative and answer in my language when you talk to me or when I dislike something.

My favorite aktivity is playing ball. I could play for the whole day but I also like to sit on the heater and watch everybody. It is nice and warm there too.

I am also very cuddly and like to be petted but I can’t sit on you lap for long I have to go fast and play again. All is so interesting and needs to be experienced by me……


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