Planned Litters

Katzenpaar in planned litters

Litter Z

Princi-Romulus in planned litters

Romulus vom Blütengarten*A

Special Showresults:

1x "Best in Show"



NO*Tonefjellet’s Princess

Special Showresults:

1x "Best in Show"

2x nom. BIS

Austrian Winner 2017

 colors of the kittens: choclate point, lilac point



Meli-orsos in planned litters


Dea vom Blütengarten*A

Ursos vom Blütengarten*A

Special Showresults:

3x "Best in Show"


 colors of the kittens: seal point


Litter B

Impression-ursos in planned litters

New Impression vom Blütengarten*A



Ursos vom Blütengarten*A

Special showresults:

3x "Best in Show"

Color of the kittens: blue tabby point, chocolate point, seal point

Litter C

Judy-Ursos in planned litters

Judy vom Blütengarten*A



Ursos vom Blütengarten*A

Special showresults:

3x "Best in Show"

colors of the kittens: chocolate point, seal point

I am only telling you here the exact litters of the cats I am going to mate now.

The reason for that is: 

Some envious breeders have used my thoughts in a bad way last year, my thoughts, which had got pictures and anouncements here. They used all that to be able to tell bad and untrue rumours, their lies, concerning me, my breeding and cats around more easlily.

They still use to fabicate new lies about me and my breeding again and again … I admit they are very creative in  fabricating new lies and untrue rumours……

But I think you all are capable of making your own opignion despite it, seeing the facts about my cats and breeding here at this website and talking to me in person… I am sure then you will recognizing these persons as liers who seem to do that because they feel envious because of my beautiful cats even though they would never admit…..

But actually they can never change the truth and so I invite everybody to make his own opignion disregarding what lies they may hear about me and my breeding seeing the facts especially  when they come to visit or pick up a cat here….

So I hope you understand now, why I don’t put more plans  here.

But don’t worry there is a way for you to get to know all my plans! So  if you want to know more than you see here please don’t hesitate contacting me per email or phone.

The available kittens you will find at the site: current kittens! You will also find there  more about the kittens and their parents.

The 15 october 2009 this breeding got even checked by the animal wellfare by the feneral vet who confirmed that it was a very good breeding and all cats  have a very good life here  with very good conditions of life!

Something to think about for some breeders….

Blumengirlande-neu1 in planned litters

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