UK*Esaya Queen of Hearts

born the 19th April 2008,  red point,

PKD negative, FIV/Leukose negative

Esaya-queen-of-hearts5 in UK*Esaya Queen of Hearts

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Hi and hello! I am English but moved herat the age of 3 months.  My name is "Queen of Hearts", but, as it sounds a bit complicated my mummy simply calls me "Queeny".

I am a very lively cat and playing is my favorite activity.  I have many cat friends here especially the other young cats because I have grown up with them. I am a peacful cat and I like cuddling very much. I can sit on my mummy’s shoulder purring for hours.

But I dislike to be brushed. But I know that I ym very beautiful. But can’t I be beautiful without being  brushed all the time?

My favorite activity is also eating and when there is dinnertime I use to sit under the table meowing very loudly… Maybe I can taste then… Who knows?



Queeny’s show results:

When Where show results
6.Dezember 2008 Olomous CZ EX1, Nominiert für "Best in Show" Pokalnom in UK*Esaya Queen of Hearts
7th, 8th March 2009 Zabok, FDZ FIFE 2x CAC  


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