Sacred Birman

Breed information:



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Sacred Birman are medium in size and are semi-longhaired cats. The Birman has a pale coloured body and darker points with deep blue eyes.

All Birmans are born white (as other colourpoint kittens are) and they start developing their colours at the age of 1 week if they have a dark colour (as seal-point) and at the age of 14 days, or more, if they have a light colour (as lilac-point). The first part which develops the colour are the points of ears, nose and tail. The real colour is complete at two years old and after a wintry season.

The feature, which makes a Birman so unique, are the absolutely white paws, called gloves.

In winter the cats have a very nice frill. The Birman is a pointed cat, colour is restricted only to the face (called mask), the ears, the legs and the tail.


The sacred birman exist in following colours which are accepted from FIFE:


seal point The colour of the points is a very dark brown  .
blue point The colour of the points is blue-grey.
chocolate point The colour of the points is chocolate and should not be too dark. Frequently one can see white spectacles around the eyes, which is undesirable.
lilac point The colour of the points has a greyish colour tone, which has a pink tinge, and is rather pale.
red point The colour of the points have the colour of a carrote. Often the front legs are paler and show rings.
cream point The colour of the points is a pale cream. In general those cats look very light.
seal tortie point The dark brown colour of the points is patched with orange patches.
blue tortie point The blue-grey colour of the points is patched with very pale cream patches. A delicate colour.
chocolate tortie point The chocolate colour of the points is patched with paler orange patches.
lilac tortie point The pale greyish colour of the points is patched with very pale cream patches.



All those colours also exist with stripes, and are called Tabbypoint. I.e.:




  • seal tabbypoint, blue tabbypoint
  • chocolate tabbypoint, lilac tabbypoint
  • red tabbypoint, cream tabbypoint
  • seal tortie tabbypoint, blue tortie tabbypoint
  • chocolate tortie tabbypoint, lilac tortie tabbypoint.


The term "tortie" means that the cat is patched with red or cream patches. 


The charactere of a Birman:



The temperament of the sacred birman is unique. They form a great affinity with their owner and their family.

As all cats, they are highly intelligent creatures, and seem to take a genuine interest in whatever is taking place around them. They are also very inquisitive, and playful.

The moment you have more Birmans in your house, you will soon see that there is not one equal to another.Ever birman is an an individual.

Sacred Birmans cannot stand being alone for several days. So a second cat is a good solution. It does not have to be a Birman of course. In fact a Birman can get very good together also with other cat breeds.

In generel a sacred birman cat is not happy as only cat!! So if you are considering to get a sacred birman cat please if you don’t have any other cat yet don’t forget to take another cat too as copanion! Your birman will be thankful for that:-) It’s not true that a sacred birman cat hold alone is more devoted to the owner as with a copanion!


The sacred birman standard:



  • The birman should be strong boned, Medium in size and everything in the right proportions.
  • The birman should have a roman profile and a roman nose.
  • The forhead should be slightly rounded.
  • The cheeks should be full and rounded.
  • The chin should be strong.
  • The ears should be small with rounded tips and the ears should be set with a good width between.
  • The eye colour should be a very dark blue.
  • The Nose should be of medium length without stop, but with a slight indentation.
  • Males must be more massive than females.
  • The gloves on the front paws shall not extend beyond the metacarpal, on the hindlegs the gloves shall not extend beyond the hock. On the backside of the hindlegs the gloves end in a point (called gauntlets), which is very characteristique for the Birman. In the ideal case the gloves shall be as symmetrical as possible.

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