Blume-g in thinking aboutSomething to think about Blume-verkehrt-g in thinking about

for some breeders..



In our world there are many problems.  In our world there is a big commercial depression and so many people lose their job or have troubles even to find a job…  Many people slide in poverty and in some countries of the world there are mothers who even don’t know how to nourish  their children and they even have to watch their children dying…. A real disaster worth to help don’t you think so…?
 I don’t need to mention the big earthquake in Haiti. So many people haven’t only lost their whole family but actually also all one’s wealth and possession.  We all could watch their misery on TV… Hasn’t it touched you heart? .

 But in the face of all these cruel problems there are some breeders, who don’t have any other interest than doing some harm to other breeders. They see their beautiful cats and feel jealous and so  they damage these innocent breeders and create lies over lies about them and their breeding and tell bad untrue rumors or even untrue warning around about these breeders and their breeding around…. 

I don’t think that such evil actions make their own cats more beautiful am I right? The opposite happens:  that way they get even  more evil every day instead of using their energy they seem to have a lot of, for the really important things in the world  like helping the people in need…..

 Also I don’t also think it shows a mature personality when I don’t see my own outage and try by lies and diffations blame another breeder for my own distaster.

So I invite these breeders  to use their energy to help to solve all these  dreadful problems of the world… to care for the poor people to help the people in misery…. instead of doing more evil actions every day  more,  by telling lies around and harming some innocent breeders ad their breeding for nothing….

It doesn’t also look like they would have much vision when they even denounce another breeders telling untrue fact the animal welfare. The opposite will happen because when the animal welfare  checks afterwards then they will see that they have heard lies and they will confirm that this breeding is a wonderful breeding and all is clean and good here.
This exactly happened to me and my breeding the 15th  October 2009. 

My breeding got checked from the animal welfare by the federal vet who confirmed that it was a very good breeding and all cats would have a very good life here  with very good conditions of life!   

So these lies these breeders told about me and my breeding around  turned into advertisements for my breeding!!!!



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